• Toboggan
    Toboggan is a blogging client for Mozilla Firefox. It resides in the sidebar, and supports the Metaweblog API and the Atom API. Toboggan is currently in development, and has not been released to the public.
  • Cosmos
    Cosmos is a newsfeed aggregator for Mozilla Firefox. It merges all your newsfeeds into a single, chronologically-ordered feed, like Planet for your personal feeds. Cosmos is currently in development, and has not been released to the public.
  • Foxylicious
    This is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, which imports bookmarks into the browser bookmarks. The technologies used are XUL, ECMAScript and various XML technologies: XMLHTTP, XPath, DOM.
  • Downcoder Updated
    An updated version of previously existing Applescript for transcoding MP3s in iTunes for the Mac to lower bitrates. I updated it to work with larger selections of files, added more error-handling, simplified the UI, and got it working with Panther.
  • iCal Publishing Support for PHPiCalendar
    I added a Webdav server to PHPiCalendar, a web-based iCal viewer, that allows Apple’s iCal calendar to publish calendars to it.
  • PHP Class
    This is a PHP class that wraps the XML API.
  • The Whoisgoingtobepresident? API
    I wrote a SOAP/Rest server for interfacing with the data. In the months prior to the 2004 presidential election, this API received thousands of hits per day.
  • Ersatz
    This is an experiment in building a browser-based 3-pane news aggregator. It uses the XML and XSLT processing components of the browser to render news feeds. It is built entirely with client-side technologies: DHTML, CSS, ECMAScript, XML and XSLT. Currently only supports Mozilla-based browsers, and RSS <=1.0 feeds.
  • NuSOAP
    There are my implementations of SOAP, WSDL and XML Schema in PHP. The client currently achieves interoperability with many SOAP implementations including Apache, Frontier, and Microsoft toolkits.
  • Timex4
    This a client-server time-tracking application, with a Web services communication architecture. The server is a SOAP server written in PHP using NuSOAP, and using MySQL for data storage. The client is written in Visual Basic, and resides in the system tray. It was written with the intention of making time-tracking and billing as easy and intuitive as possible. The emphasis was on making the process of tracking time as effortless as possible, with a minimum of steps. I never released this publicly, but used it myself for my consulting and contract projects.
  • XPath/XTree/XSelect
    These are some PHP utilities for creating, parsing and manipulating xml data. I have also have created partial implementations or subsets of XML:DB, SixDML and XSLT, all in pure PHP.
  • Flash E-cards
    This is a series of e-cards designed using Macromedia Flash, and used as marketing tools to promote new releases from Sub Pop bands.

6 Comments on “Projects”

  1. Andi says:

    Your Dormancy Addon for Firefox:

    “Version 1.1 [...] works with Firefox 12.0 and later”

    Make it work with older Fox versions please, some people like me use the ESR variants (v 10.x.x) for a reason. Greetings.

  2. That add-on was an experiment, is no longer being developed. Hopefully Firefox will get that as a built-in feature at some point.

  3. Andi says:

    Thank you for your reply.

    > That add-on was an experiment, is no longer being developed.
    I found “UnloadTab 0.22″ at Softpedia. Seems to work fine, up to v12.
    Please reconsider your decision, an alternative is always a good idea.

    > Hopefully Firefox will get that as a built-in feature at some point.
    I am aware of this, but the question is when will this happen?
    There is a task force hunting down memory leaks to make the browser
    more reponsive. For the time being your addon, too, might be quite
    useful for some.

    Greetings and best wishes, Andi

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