SAML HOWTO – Single Sign On using SAML

The SOAPEnv article has links to the Systinet how-to, as well as other SAML links.Link


Elliotte Harold slides from XMLOne, London 2002

“- Advanced XML Programming
– Mastering XML Schemas
– Namespaces
The Advanced XML Programming all-day tutorial contained lots of new material on DOM Level 3, XPath 2.0, and XSLT 2.0 that I hadn’t delivered previously. There are also some new notes in the namesapces talk on how namespaces work in SAX, DOM, and JDOM.”Link

Meg Hourihan ( on the Oreilly P2P conference speakers

“One of my favorite expressions so far, gleaned from the “Military Applications for P2P” panel yesterday was decision superiority. The armed forces are always looking to gain decision superiority apparently, and now I want to as well. I think that would be really helpful in most situations.”

“Another expression used yesterday that I loved came from Cory Doctorow in his “A New Way of Understanding P2P” presentation. He talked about the concept of an imagination proposition, or the idea that people get involved in something simply because it’s interesting. An example he stated was the huge number of people involved in SETI@home vs. P2P projects searching for cures for AIDS or cancer. While the value proposition for an AIDS cure is higher than the search for extraterrestrial life, it’s simply more interesting to people to dedicate their spare CPU cycles to the search for aliens. Imagination proposition.”Link

Stafano Mazzocchi, ex Cocoon lead developer, on team software development.

A wise man once said: “only when you think everyone is equal to you, you become different”

I came here to Apache thinking that I was different, that I had better ideas, that I could shape things on my own, and I continued to think that until very recently… but I look around and see a bunch of people that I care about, a bunch of people that I consider friends, a community of equal individuals, in all possible senses.

Only when I saw that I knew what to do: delegate, let go, let others step in, let others understand this by themselves (good software comes out as a byproduct of our path to learn it)

This is my suggestion for all of you, even for you experienced members: delegation scales the community and a bigger community means more value,
more fun, more positive energy. But delegation happens only if you trust, if you consider your fellow community mate equal to you.

When this doesn’t happen, friction develops, bottlenecks arise, positive energy turns into negative one.

Just think about it and return on it often: you are never far enough from your ego to be safe.Link

Seth (Session 51)

Your life, believe it or not, basically, is a simultaneous happening. You merely see it in slow motion. ~ Seth (Sess.51)Link

Tim bray, Taxi article on

“This is serious; whenever you have people sitting around in front of a machine waiting for it to react, you’re practicing bad management, because computers are cheap and people are expensive.”Link

John Robb of Userland Software, on Pessimism

“No sense being pessimistic. It wouldn’t work anyway.”Link