Rescuing XSLT from Niche Status

“As a programmer with more than 20 years experience with over a dozen languages, XSLT templates and default rules were not obvious to me. Over the past year or two I had looked at numerous examples trying to discern how they worked. While I could understand the general gist of what was occurring, there was too much implied behavior that I did not pick up. It was not until going through formal XSLT training that I fully understood how XSLT worked. Clearly, if the barrier to entry is that high for an experienced programmer, the average web developer was not going to find this technology very useful.”Link

NuSOAP 0.6.3 Released!

NuSOAP 0.6.3 is available now. Has WSDL generation, and lots of bug fixes. Got it a wee bit smaller too 🙂
Download the nusoap.php file from Sourceforge CVS:
UPDATE: Here’s an example of using the WSDL generation functionality:

SpamAssassin and POP3Proxy Changed My Life

OK, now I can’t say I hate Perl anymore: POP3Proxy allows Windows users a super easy way to use SpamAssassin with Outlook [Express] or any other POP3 mail client. I usually get (no joke) 150-200 junk emails a day, and now I get about 10!!!Link

Good List of References for Application Design Patterns


Mozilla + XSLT

Code snippet from Sjeord Fischer on the OPML-DEV list:

var xslProcessor = new XSLTProcessor();
var outputDoc = document.implementation.createDocument(“text/xml”, “”, null);
xslProcessor.transformDocument(xmlNode, xslNode, outputDoc, null);

(code taken from Q42’s Mozilla2IE converter for Xopus, available at

Another Apple Article Using NuSOAP!

This is the second article on the Apple Developer Connection site using NuSOAP. This article is an introduction to implementing Web services with PHP, and uses NuSOAP for it’s examples.Link

Amazon Web Services Uses NuSOAP!

Very cool: I checked out Amazon’s web services out today for the first time (hey, I’ve been busy!), and noticed that their PHP example in the SDK uses NuSOAP.Link