RDF Primer… Primer

AaronSwartz is writing a quickie introduction to RDF. Super helpful. Has great section headings such as “Making Money with RDF”, and “RDF in 5 Minutes” (take that you anti-RDF whiners). Also interspersed with links to external resources.Link


For the Amateur Astronomer…

Free Star Charts I’m sitting here listening to Science Friday on NPR about amateur astronomy. I’m beginning to get the bug to try my own hand at getting a telescope and going out to see the stars and stuff. Childhood dreams and all that. Anyway here’s a pretty cool site that has some free PDF star charts to assist your nighttime explorations. [via CogWorks News]Link

Interesting Papers by Stephen Mazzocchi

Several papers relating to XML from this Cocoon developer and Apache Group member. Examples:
– Enabling Semantic Searching
– Reducing The Effects Of Growth Saturation With The Adoption Of A Publishing Framework Based On XML Technologies
– Adding XML Capabilities with CocoonLink

NuSOAP Book Chapter Available Online

Thanks to a user on the nusoap-general list, I found that the San Francisco PHP Users Group had the chapter I wrote for Professional Open Source Web Services available for download. Upon further research, I found that WROX used my chapter as the sample chapter for the book! Download the chapter here (PDF).Link

Are Your Couplings Loose or Tight?

Doug Kaye put up an informative table contrasting tight and loose coupling.Link

Linux on Laptops Article

“Hot Rodding Your Slightly Dated Laptop For Fun and Profit”Link

DevArticles PHP-GTK Tutorial

Excellent PHP-GTK tutorial.Link