Foxylicious 0.2 Released!

Foxylicious 0.2 is now available.

This version adds two new features:

1. Daily automatic updates

Foxylicious periodically checks to see if a new day has dawned since
the last update. If it’s a brand new day, an update will run
automatically. This is off by default, and can be enabled via the
Foxylicious settings page under the Tools menu.

2. Folder-based sub-categorization by a user-specified delimiter.

How’s that for a feature name! Here’s an example: If you
sub-categorize your delicious tags using a dot syntax (windows.iis,
windows.monopoly, windows.bsod), you can specify the dot as your
delimiter, and Foxylicious will create subfolders for each
sub-categorized tag! I’ve tested this up to 4 levels deep, and had no
problems. THEORETICALLY, you should be able to create hierarchies as
deep as whatever FF’s maximum supported folder depth is (ie:
– you get the picture).

Remember: This extension is only 2/10 of the way to 1.0, so if you
find any bugs, please report them to me (politely) and I’ll
incorporate the fix into the next release.



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