Enter The Dragon (er, Lizard)

A new year, a new blog, and a new job too: I hung up my star, and am no longer a Technical Yahoo!. Working at Yahoo! was an amazing experience; I met great people, got to work on interesting projects, and learned more in a year than is probably healthy. But then I got the call…

Last Monday was my first day as an employee of the Mozilla Corporation. I’m working full-time on Firefox 2, on features such as session restoration.

New Year’s Resolution: blog more.


4 Comments on “Enter The Dragon (er, Lizard)”

  1. Paul Kim says:

    It’s great to have you in the mix Dietrich. How’s the battery-chauffering going? 🙂

  2. Ian says:

    Hi Dietrich, congratulations on getting a job at Mozilla.

    How much of session restore wil be written from scratch, and how much will come from existing extensions like SessionSaver, do you think?

  3. autonome says:

    Hi Ian, thanks!

    SessionSaver looks a tad heavy for our needs. Both the Crash Restore and Click2Tab extensions have approaches that we’re looking at, that are much more lightweight than SessionSaver.

    Status updates are available weekly on the wiki, eg: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox2/StatusMeetings/2006-02-14#Session_Saver.

    In general, I’d like to leverage the community’s work where possible and appropriate!

  4. Rob G says:

    Hi Dietrich

    Thanks so much for your foxylicious extension, it was (almost!) exactly what I needed, certainly closer than anyone else so far.

    2 things. Firstly, one of my reasons for using del.icio.us was so I could offload favourites from a local machine to somewhere I could access from anywhere, and update my browser with them from whatever machine I happen to be at. I wondered if foxylicious could include a way to automatically only use certain del.icio.us categories as folder names in my favourites, as a browser’s favourites menu does not lend itself well to the masses of folders created by foxylicious.

    So if I want 3 folders in my Firefox favourites, I firstly tag all my del.icio.us bookmarks with one of those three tags (they could even look like this: “fxyl:foldername”), and then set up Foxylicious to sort my favourites folders based on these tags.

    Possibly even using a remotely-accessible XML file to convey favourites folder structure, e.g.

    I’m sure you get the picture 🙂

    The second thing was just referring to crash recovery; I don’t know what Crash Restore and Click2Tab do, but will Firefox 2 keep things such as form data and EVERYTHING that SessionSaver (so usefully) does?

    Thanks! I appreciate your taking the time to help make an awesome browser better.