911 is a Joke (from my mobile anyway)

This morning a guy fell off his bike in front of our house. He had his dog on a leash, and it looked like the dog or leash had gotten tangled in the bike. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. Blood ran from his head, almost down to the gutter, about 6 feet.

I grabbed my phone and ran out of the house when I heard a woman screaming for someone to call 911. After a glimpse at the scene out front, I ran back in for a towel. While doing this, I called 911. I heard a voice answer, and I started to explain the situation. Almost immediately I noticed that the voice was still talking. It was a recording. I believe the recording said something about dialing more numbers to *really* get 911. But I’m not sure. As soon as I realized it was a recording, I chucked the phone, while running back outside to try to keep this guy’s brains where they belong.

WTF. I wonder if that recording I heard was from 911, or from my phone company, T-Mobile. Either way, people could die because of crap like that.

A few other observations:

  • Head wounds bleed a lot of very thick blood.
  • Firefighters and EMTs walk very slowly, even in the presence of lots of very thick blood.
  • To clean up large amounts of blood, the EMTs use a special disinfectant that looks a bit like cat litter. They said to not hose the area down until it had sat for a few hours. However, a car drove by a few seconds later, leaving a trail of it down our street.
  • The dog shat itself because of the accident. Or it shat itself, causing the accident. Either way, it smelled really bad. (Can you tell I’m not a dog person?)
  • My wife is paralyzed by the sight of blood. If this happens to me, and she’s the only one around, I’m S.O.L.
  • Note to self: Wear a friggin helmet.

2 Comments on “911 is a Joke (from my mobile anyway)”

  1. Jim says:

    so the dog and the phone survived? These are the details we need to know.

  2. Peter says:

    any phone being sold retail today in the US must, by law (as far as i understand it), have direct 911 calling. i found out when i bought a used phone and tried to have it activated with my provider (Verizon) and they said ‘no can do’ – or, really, ‘no will do’. this law happened a few years ago to address this problem you had today. more location-based services on the way…

    Flava Flav wuz right.