Tinderbox Status Microsummary

The point at which I regressed browser startup time in the Firefox 2 Alpha 2 was about the same point at which I started keeping a very keen eye on Tinderbox. Thus, a Tinderbox status Microsummary! Microsummaries are a hot new feature in Firefox 2 – basically a bookmark with a label that periodically updates. This Tinderbox Microsummary will show “OK” or “{#} Burning ({hostnames})” for the tree that you bookmark. Support for orange trees is not there yet.

You can install it here.

Also, here’s a snippet of XSL for allowing your generators to display themselves, as they traipse about the internets.


7 Comments on “Tinderbox Status Microsummary”

  1. cf says:

    Your generator has localhost in the url, so it doesn’t install.

    This works though,

  2. cf says:

    Also, tree names like Mozilla1.8 get clipped to Mozilla1

  3. dietrich says:

    Thanks for catching that; it’s fixed now.

    I should have known it was a bad idea to send this out while drinking Caol Ila* with those damn Canadians!

    * http://www.scotchwhisky.net/malt/caol_ila.htm

  4. dietrich says:

    Er, to clarify: The localhost part is fixed.

    It’s a bit more work to get the full tree names pulled out properly. It’s probably a job for after Fx A3 goes out the door πŸ™‚

  5. Boris Zbarsky says:

    It might be worth doing two things:

    1) Landing this in the tree in the tools/ directory
    2) Putting the link to add it on tinderbox.

    Increases discoverability, and leverages this whole open-source project thing we have going. πŸ˜‰

  6. Joe Hughes says:

    Sweet, thanks for this! It’s also be nice to see whether the tree was open or closed…

  7. Joe Hughes says: