Foxylicious 0.7

I updated Foxylicious for Firefox 2. It’s home at AMO is not yet updated, as it’s still awaiting approval. For those who can’t wait, I’ve made it available here.

  • Updated to work with Firefox 2
  • Uses the new secure API endpoint (fixes the auth prompt issue)
  • Fixed some pref handling errors
  • Added configurable post URLs. To load a different posting page, set the foxylicious.postURL to a URL that has %user%, %location% and %title%, for example, the default is:
  • Properly localize-able

INSTALL Foxylicious 0.7

Please let me know if you have any problems, regressions, etc.




8 Comments on “Foxylicious 0.7”

  1. Matteo says:

    in Firefox 2.0 on Windows 2003, behind a proxy it works like a charm !!

  2. Navarre says:

    0.7 Installed and working perfectly. Thank you!

    I second the vote for giving an option to remove the warning message about overwriting existing bookmarks. I auto-update daily and completely overwrite all bookmarks.

    Again, if you want help developing Foxylicious (for things like the suggested feature above), please email me. I don’t suppose your work is open source, is it?

    Thanks again!
    Kind Regards.

  3. dietrich says:

    Hi Navarre,

    Of course Foxylicious is open source! If you make any changes, go ahead and email them to me 🙂


  4. lars says:

    Hi Dietrcih,

    thank you for the very fast update for Firefox 2.0!
    The Add-on runs on my mac with OSX 10.3.9 very fine!


  5. daddydave says:

    This was my favorite add-on when I used, but I switched to, mainly because it caches a copy of the bookmarked page so I still have the page content if the link rots (and of the few bookmarking services that do that, it seems to be the best).

    Now that ma.gnolia has a new API which “mirrors [mostly] the commands of the API,” I wonder if you or someone would consider making Foxylicious work with as well, or make a version.

    Some details on their new mirrord API here:

  6. Ronin says:

    Hi Dietrich,

    Frankly Foxylicious is the reason I use Thanks so much for such a great extension.

    I have a small request:
    When I ‘deselect’ the option to do full sync i.e. I want only the newly added/updated/deleted bookmarks to be synced, I do not see the deleted items getting deleted from my localstore. Newly added bookmarks work fine with this option.

    I don’t want to do a full sync because I maintain my Quick-Search bookmarks also in So when it is first synced in Firefox, I assign the keywords. Now when I do a FULL SYNC, all the keywords obviously get deleted. Thats why I just want to do a Partial Sync (i.e. without deleting everything everytime) as described above. But it seems the deleted items are not synced.

    Could you please look into the issue.

    Thanks a Ton for this extension (and also the excellent Session Restore implementation in Fx2… very nicely done 🙂

    PS: I haven’t tested if Partial Sync takes care of ‘updated’ bookmarks. Will test it and let you know.

  7. Leandro. says:

    Hello Dietrich, i using now your foxylicius, and i really like your hierarchy tag to folder converter.
    I Have a few suggestions to do and maybe another extension to create, unfortunatly i have no knows in programming .. I loved delicious, and my only problem is that can’t convert all delicious tagged bookmarks back to firefox classified folders.

    I will really apreciate if you contact me..

  8. Henrik N says:

    Thanks for a very useful extension.

    Some things that would make it even more so:

    * Option to deactivate the full sync warning (ideally a checkbox like “don’t show again” in the dialog itself, or whatever Firefox UI guidelines advocate). If you sync daily, the warning becomes a nuisance.

    * Option to have tags sorted under alphabetical directories. So “Bookmarks > > a > aardvark”, “Bookmarks > > j > javascript” and so on. Would make the list shorter and faster to navigate. I suppose this could be achieved with tag bundles, if one would manually add new tags to the proper letter tag. The tag bundle code could probably be re-used to a large extent for this feature, though.

    * Would love to be able to put the bookmarks at the top level (so “Bookmarks > javascript > Some bookmark”) rather than stick everything in a subfolder, while still having support for full sync.