Chirp! Twitter Notifications in Firefox

Chirp is a Firefox extension that pops up a notification when you have new Twitter messages.

Twitter via IM already provides instant gratification, so this is only really useful if you don’t or can’t use IM. For example, say you turn of IM to reduce distraction and increase your productivity. With Chirp, you’ll still be in touch with what your friends are doing! Oh, wait…


  • Configure your Twitter username and password in the preferences (tools/add-ons/chirp)
  • If you’re on a Mac, you’ll need to install Growl.
  • It only checks Twitter every 30 minutes. Yeah, this kinda reduces the immediacy of Twitter, but you can tweak it via a pref: extensions.chirp.updateFrequency πŸ˜‰

Props to the Songbird Growl extension for the Growl code. And yeah, the icon looks like ass (but not in a good way), so please send me a better one!

PS: I’m a twit.


3 Comments on “Chirp! Twitter Notifications in Firefox”

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  2. Jimmy P says:

    OMG you blogged!

  3. Growl support should be part of Gecko 1.9 (with nsIAlertsService) once Bug 362685 lands.

    Also, I’m working with the Growl project to make an extension that works in Firefox, Thunderbird, and Lightning/Sunbird. I’ve got the Firefox code essentially done, and I’m moving to Thunderbird next.

    The plus side to the bug/extension is that they both support click-backs