Firefox 3 Talk at Portland Web Innovators

Portland Web Innovators is a monthly meeting of web designers and developers in Portland, Oregon. One of the founders, Adam Duvander (of Best Places and WifiPDX), invited me to come speak about Firefox 3. I was told that the turnout was 3x normal, which was cool. iSite Design provided the venue, and the pizza, thanks y’all 🙂

My hastily-made presentation is basically an overview of the user-facing features planned for Fx3 (with Schrep’s #’s slide thrown in to end on). Here are some impressions and take-aways:

  • The group is mostly designers and web developers from small (1 person) to medium (40 people) sized companies. There were some independent contractors, and a few other people from various software/web-related fields.
  • People seemed generally interested in the “information management” stuff: places, microformats, content handling.
  • Significant crowd reaction when i said we’d fix the “save password only *after* a successful logon” bug 🙂
  • Unsurprisingly, there was concern about how many new features there were. Several people asked whether the new features would be able to turned off entirely. Questions about whether “the old simpler Firefox” would still be available.
  • Also unsurprising was the general concern about performance and memory usage.
  • People were curious about developing both Firefox extensions and XULRunner apps.

I might do a follow-up presentation on Fx3 for Developers.


4 Comments on “Firefox 3 Talk at Portland Web Innovators”

  1. Matt Beck says:

    Hi Dietrich,

    Although I’d been lurking on their site for months, I’d never actually gone to a PDXWI meeting before, but I think I’ll make a regular habit of it from now on.

    Thanks for the presentation, I for one enjoyed it, and probably would have found an excuse not to go to the meeting again myself if the topic and presenter hadn’t caught my attention.

    Regards and Thanks,


  2. bram says:

    Would you happen to know of any work on performance (as in, the time it takes Firefox to do a cold start / load) before Mozilla 2.0?

  3. dietrich says:

    Matt – It was my first meeting too. Cool group of people! See you next month 🙂

    Bram – There are specific requirements in Fx3 for performance, so some work will be done there. I’m not aware of any longer term projects specific to startup, but I’m also more of a front-end guy, not involved much in platform-level improvements that might focus on it.

  4. Bram says:

    Allright, thanks for your reply… As the matter of fact, the front-end (especially UI) side of Firefox is what interests me most. However, many people that I tell about Firefox are frustrated with the startup time. Looking forward to see your work on improving Firefox’ 3.0 user experience!