Firefox 3 Conversation

9:12 argyle: fx3 please
9:13 argyle: fx2 just crashed on me for the 10th time this week
9:13 Dietrich: nightlies are always here:
9:13 argyle: ur lucky session restore is there
9:13 Dietrich: i seriously have hundreds of tabs open, no crashes
9:14 Dietrich: one-click bookmarking, tagging, better mem usage, no crashy
9:14 Dietrich: use it
9:14 Dietrich: love it
9:14 Dietrich: actually the killer feature is this:
9:14 Dietrich: url bar autocomplete searches title and url and tags now
9:15 Dietrich: and uses a “frecency” algorithm to bubble up stuff
9:15 argyle: nice
9:15 argyle: me like that
9:15 Dietrich: also shows bookmarked and tagged icons in the dropdown
9:15 Dietrich: i’m serious: i can’t use fx2
9:15 Dietrich: because of the url bar changes alone
9:16 Dietrich: it’s sooo painful to live without
9:16 Dietrich: that and turning autofill on == dope
9:17 argyle: I shall play with your little fox
9:17 argyle: oh feature request… on camino when I download something it has a “SHOW” button that opens finder to that folder and selects that file
9:17 argyle: u make fix in ff to do
9:18 Dietrich: done
9:18 Dietrich: download manager is completely rewritten
9:19 Dietrich: open dm -> click on the “i” icon next to the download -> it shows the path -> click on the path -> bing, finder opens up to that file
9:19 Dietrich: next please
9:19 argyle: yeaaaaaa
9:19 argyle: u make me feel special
9:20 Dietrich: we did it just 4 u

It got all X-rated after that, I’ll spare you.


7 Comments on “Firefox 3 Conversation”

  1. Mark says:

    Wow, sound great!
    I forget if I’d read, when is Fx3 due out? I don’t mean an exact day, but is there a fuzzy time that we’ve said we’re shooting for?

    Also, if I want to run it (on my Mac), once it imports settings/bookmarks, I take it there’s no more synchronization yeah?

    How risky do you consider it to switch over if I can’t switch back? Can the bookmarks be exported to an acceptable Fx2 form?
    It’s likely that none of my extensions will work, no?

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  4. Joe Smith says:

    Haha, sweetness.

    Mark: I believe the first beta is coming out very soon, so hopefully not too much longer. And a good percentage of my extensions still work with Firefox3. It largely depends on if the extensions have been updated to maintain compatibility, but as time goes on more should work.

  5. dietrich says:

    Mark: Firefox 3 exports bookmarks to the old bookmarks.html at shutdown, so you should be able to keep those in sync. You can also manually export them.

  6. Calophi says:

    Your extension Foxylicious is actually the reason I haven’t switched to Fx3 yet. I’m completely reliant on it. XD

  7. dietrich says:

    Calophi: Well, I almost have Foxylicious ported to Firefox 3, so you won’t have to wait much longer!