Tweez: now with tag auto[complete]

Thanks to Adam Souzis, Tweez now has tag autocomplete. The other change is that ESC now cancels any changes and closes the panel.

Get it. Got it. Good.


3 Comments on “Tweez: now with tag auto[complete]”

  1. Mukunda says:

    Would you consider starting a google code project for this? Or some other code repository? I’d love to help make this even better!

  2. falkstone says:

    I want to install Tweez in my Firefox 3B5! But i have a problem.
    There comes an Error:

    “Firefox konnte das Add-on von folgender Adresse nicht installieren:

    Grund: Prüfsumme der Datei ist nicht korrrekt (eventuell ein Fehler beim Herunterladen)

    What can I do?


  3. Nick says:

    Hi dietrich, Just letting you know that the addons Tweez and Table2clipboard don’t play nice. They both use the ctrl [cmd mac] + shift + c as a hardwired shortcut.

    Would love if you could make the keystroke customisable. I use it with better touch tool, and a magic mouse, so i can tag from my mouse. So even if you could add another option like cmd + shift + ~, so there are choices, that might mitigate this issue?


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