Tweez 0.4: Migrating folders to tags

Prompted by a request in the build forum, I’ve added a feature that allows you to tag all bookmarks with the name of their containing folder. It also provides the option to tag the bookmark with the name of each ancestor folder in the hierarchy. For example, given a folder hierarchy of Folder1/Folder2/Bookmark1, Bookmark1 would be tagged with both “Folder1” and “Folder2”.

Install Tweez


6 Comments on “Tweez 0.4: Migrating folders to tags”

  1. dewey1973 says:

    Are there instructions on how to make this work? I go to Organize Bookmarks, click on Import and Backup, choose Convert Folders to Tags, but I do not see that anything happens.

  2. dietrich says:

    After that, any bookmarks you had should have been tagged with the title of their containing folder.

    Click on the “Tags” container in the right-side pane of the Library to view your tags.

  3. dewey1973 says:

    Nope, doesn’t work for me. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  4. Herbert says:

    Very fine extension! I’ve only a problem with the shortcut “SHIFT T”: I use the “find as you type” feature of Firefox, so the “T” lands always in the search field. Please, make this shortcut configurable! Thank you again! 🙂

  5. mike says:

    first: brilliant idea!

    but: doesn’t work for me (the tagging’s fine, but the folders-to-tags conversion doesn’t work; when i click on the options button in the add-on menu, it only opens a window saying

    “tweez preferences |
    [check box] A Boolean Preference |
    An Integer Preference |
    [text box: “0”] |
    A String Preference |
    [text box]: “A string” |
    [OK] [Cancel])”

    version compatibility issues perhaps (i’m using FF 3.0rc1)?

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