sometimes attribution just isn’t worth it

(11:26:57) me: ugh
(11:27:02) me: it’ll never end:
(11:27:05) me: “I’m writing an application for the Coast Guard Auxiliary that uses your NUSOAP code..”
(11:27:11) me: the coast guard?
(11:27:13) me: using my code?
(11:27:18) me: our borders are not safe
(11:27:47) him: lol
(11:27:53) him: fix it dude
(11:28:15) me: those php XXXXXXXs have caused me no end of trouble
(11:28:29) me: the php5 soap impl uses a class name that’s the same as nusoap
(11:28:40) me: so i get like 5 emails a week, ever since php5 was released
(11:28:46) me: all with this same error
(11:28:52) me: not only that
(11:29:11) me: the latest version of nusoap (2 years ago or whatever) has it fixed!
(11:29:22) me: which means all these people are downloading an old version from somewhere
(11:29:24) me: OR
(11:29:29) me: are only now upgrading to php5!
(11:29:35) me: i XXXXing hate open source
(11:30:18) him: lol
(11:30:21) him: rant over?
(11:30:25) me: yes
(11:30:31) me: i feel much better now


3 Comments on “sometimes attribution just isn’t worth it”

  1. Jim says:

    hey I know him!

  2. Matt Montag says:

    Hmm… I just ran into that problem this week. I gave up on nusoap and used the built in stuff. Weird running into this blog post.

  3. Matt, if you read the post, you’ll notice that there’s no problem if you use a contemporary version of NuSOAP 😉

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