Seven Things About Me(me)

Alas, I was tagged by Beltzner, so must break my new year’s resolution to not blog in 2009*. Thanks Mike. Seven things you may know about me, or not:

  1. I have three nipples. Of these, zero produce milk.
  2. I was a barista and a chef for many years before owning a computer.
  3. I can juggle. Balls. Clubs. Machetes. Torches. (Listed in descending order of skill-level and recency.)
  4. Some years ago, on the night before we moved from Seattle to Florida, someone stole our fully-packed truck and U-Haul, leaving us with nothing but the pajamas we were wearing, and a goldfish. It was a lesson in impermanence.
  5. I used to play the accordion, and was briefly in a band called Apolkalypse.
  6. One summer, I hitchhiked through 30 states with a friend. You’ve not truly seen America until it throws garbage at you from it’s car.
  7. I flew out of a rapidly moving Volkswagen bus when I was 8 years old, and landed on my head. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, you’re probably right.

Seven from me, seven to you:

  1. Sdwilsh. It’s all business on your blog, but your quotes are on fire.
  2. Thunder, the Venezuelan ramen-lover. (Definitely a character in my novel. If I was writing one.)
  3. Josh. I thought your blog was dead, but then I found the tumble.
  4. Jeff, you don’t blog, afaik. You should tweet seven things and seven people!
  5. Bowie. Kid, you’re almost one full year old. Introduce yourself.
  6. James Earl Plush. Eagles? Beagles? Twins? Coincidence? I think not!
  7. David Cross. (Aim high, right?)

* I’ve been tumbling and tweeting regularly, so I kinda already broke my resolution.


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