Portland Firefox Developers Meetup

One of the cool folks I met at BarCampPortland 3 was Benjamin Stover. He works at Vidoop, and is the developer of ineedtoreadthis.com. We were talking at BarCamp about how there’s a lot of Firefox extension development going on, but usually by lone individuals. For instance, many of the extension developers I interact with say the same thing: “Yeah, I’m _the_ person at my company who’s in charge of the extension”. And while there’s a lot of great online resources for extension developers, there’s no local group or meet-up specific to development using the Mozilla platform.

Hence the PDX Firefox Developers Group! If you’re interested in developing Firefox extensions, or hacking Firefox itself, or are already doing so, come out and meet others doing the same. For the first meeting, Ben is going to talk about his unit test framework for extensions, and I’m going to talk about Ubiquity, a Mozilla Labs project. I’d like it to be more focused on the hacking than lecturing, so bring your laptop! For example, I’ll walk through the process of writing a new Ubiquity command. Join the PDX-Firefox-Dev Google group for ongoing talk about Firefox and Mozilla hacking, or if you have topics you’d like to talk about at the meet-ups.

The group is meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. The first meeting is next Wednesday, May 13th, and is taking place at Nedspace (directions below) at 7pm. We’ll probably roll somewhere near for drinks afterwards. Please RSVP on Upcoming.

Portland Firefox Developers Group, May 13 at 7pm at Nedspace


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