The awesomebar for command-line filesystem traversal… for Windows

Autojump is a command-line utility that “learns” from your filesystem navigation via the “cd” command, and allows you to jump quickly to oft-travelled-to directories. Source, installation and usage information are at Github. After seeing this tweet from Dion, I went to install it, only to remember that I’m on Windows 7 now. Bah. So, I tweaked it a bit to run inside the MozillaBuild environment. Assuming you’ve cloned/downloaded Autojump, here are the steps to get it working:

  1. Open Mingw, navigate to the autojump source directory
  2. Remove all instances of “sudo” from the file
  3. Get your Python path: $ which python
  4. Replace /usr/bin/python with your Python path in the autojump file
  5. Run

3 Comments on “The awesomebar for command-line filesystem traversal… for Windows”

  1. Dan says:

    I used to use something like this called CD Plus (cdp.exe) for MS-DOS. Instead of monitoring your directory usage though it would scan the whole drive on command to build an index, and then you’d use cdp to jump. If there was more than one match you got a menu of items to choose from.

    I have a script I made for Windows that sticks the current directory in the console window title by using doskey macros to hook cd, pushd, popd, and the drive changing commands (c:, d:, etc). In theory it would be possible to use the same mechanic to port autojump to Windows… hmmm… 🙂

  2. pd says:

    is there anything like this available for solaris?

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