Graph Server Improvements

The graph server is a powerful tool for visualizing the results of our performance tests over time. However, it has a few major problems that make using it in it’s current form difficult. It also lacks a few features that would make it far more useful for tasks such as regression-finding. I and a few other people are looking into improving the graph server. Before starting though, we need to know how you use the graph server, and your ideas for how the interface could be improved, so please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

graph server

Firefox Startup Performance – Stardate 2.27.2010

Instead of copying around the table of high-priority startup projects, it’s now centrally located and updated on the Startup wiki page. A couple of front-end optimizations landed this week:

  • Neil landed bug 354048 to not rebuild toolbars at startup.
  • Ryan landed bug 522842 for the search service to not send notifications until all engines are loaded.

I’ll be in Mountain View all next week for the Firefox work-week.

Firefox Startup Performance – Feb 19, 2010

Taras blogged about the function ordering work he did while on vacation in Fiji (?!). Looks like the potential for a minimum 10% win there, very exciting. Follow along in bug 531406.

Other than that, no major updates:

  • Zack found surprisingly large performance wins just from deCOMtamination patches in his CSS work. If you want to help out, bug 105431 is the deCOM tracker bug, and bug 545052 is about building tools for automating deCOMtamination.
  • Static build: Still in reviews, need to figure out approach to binary tests on the tinderbox.
  • Ben’s fastload cache replacement is still waiting on first-review from Ben Smedberg.
  • Bug 354048 to not rebuild toolbars at startup, still cycling through reviews.

Firefox Startup Performance – Feb 11, 2010

Various minor updates this week:

  • Static build: Ted did the first pass of review. Getting close. Will land on the Places branch once binary tests build, to see perf impact.
  • Ben’s fastload cache replacement is still waiting on first-review from Ben Smedberg.
  • Neil took up bug 354048 to not rebuild toolbars at startup, should reduce the DOM activity some at least. The patch is in review by Dao and Mano.
  • Marco has nearly completed bug 542943, removing the bookmark redirect hash, which means less SQL at startup and less memory usage by the bookmarks service.
  • I put a patch up on bug 545516 that fixes some bugs and cleans up the layout of the Performance Snapshot. Will get it landed next week.
  • Started working with John O’Duinn and Mike Morgan to get a team together to work on the graph server.

Firefox Startup Performance – Feb 5, 2010

Nothing major to report. Some of the big projects are in the final stretch, which is great to see.

  • Static build: Joel’s in cleanup phase, making sure the mobile tinderboxes build with the changes. Core patch is waiting on first review from Ted.
  • Ben’s fastload cache replacement is waiting on first-review from Ben Smedberg.
  • Zach has more data on the effect of the CSS parser optimizations he’s been working on.
  • Asaf put up an experimental patch for making the bookmarks toolbar all JS, no XBL.

Related work I did this week:

  • Started updating the Performance Snapshot. Fixing a couple of bugs and making the percentages relative to the 3.6 branch.
  • Spent some time poking at the graph server. It’s got serious performance problems, and is lacking a few features that’d make it immensely useful, instead of only somewhat useful. It just needs a little love, that’s all.
  • Landed bug 506471, moving FUEL out of the startup path.