Firefox Startup Performance – Feb 5, 2010

Nothing major to report. Some of the big projects are in the final stretch, which is great to see.

  • Static build: Joel’s in cleanup phase, making sure the mobile tinderboxes build with the changes. Core patch is waiting on first review from Ted.
  • Ben’s fastload cache replacement is waiting on first-review from Ben Smedberg.
  • Zach has more data on the effect of the CSS parser optimizations he’s been working on.
  • Asaf put up an experimental patch for making the bookmarks toolbar all JS, no XBL.

Related work I did this week:

  • Started updating the Performance Snapshot. Fixing a couple of bugs and making the percentages relative to the 3.6 branch.
  • Spent some time poking at the graph server. It’s got serious performance problems, and is lacking a few features that’d make it immensely useful, instead of only somewhat useful. It just needs a little love, that’s all.
  • Landed bug 506471, moving FUEL out of the startup path.

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