Firefox Startup Performance – Feb 19, 2010

Taras blogged about the function ordering work he did while on vacation in Fiji (?!). Looks like the potential for a minimum 10% win there, very exciting. Follow along in bug 531406.

Other than that, no major updates:

  • Zack found surprisingly large performance wins just from deCOMtamination patches in his CSS work. If you want to help out, bug 105431 is the deCOM tracker bug, and bug 545052 is about building tools for automating deCOMtamination.
  • Static build: Still in reviews, need to figure out approach to binary tests on the tinderbox.
  • Ben’s fastload cache replacement is still waiting on first-review from Ben Smedberg.
  • Bug 354048 to not rebuild toolbars at startup, still cycling through reviews.

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