Firefox Startup Performance – Stardate 2.27.2010

Instead of copying around the table of high-priority startup projects, it’s now centrally located and updated on the Startup wiki page. A couple of front-end optimizations landed this week:

  • Neil landed bug 354048 to not rebuild toolbars at startup.
  • Ryan landed bug 522842 for the search service to not send notifications until all engines are loaded.

I’ll be in Mountain View all next week for the Firefox work-week.


3 Comments on “Firefox Startup Performance – Stardate 2.27.2010”

  1. Peter Lairo says:

    “Firefox Startup Performance – Stardate 2.27.2010”

    Since mozilla is an international organization, it would be great if you wrote dates in a format that everyone could easily recognize. I suggest using the ISO 8601 date format YYYY-MM-DD.

  2. pd says:

    it is good to see work on this critical aspect of firefox continues

  3. Oskar says:

    Yeah good to know that guys are working on improving startup performance since Firefox is on a bad name for that.
    Well we already can see improvements, so keep the good work on. 🙂

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