Graph Server Improvements

The graph server is a powerful tool for visualizing the results of our performance tests over time. However, it has a few major problems that make using it in it’s current form difficult. It also lacks a few features that would make it far more useful for tasks such as regression-finding. I and a few other people are looking into improving the graph server. Before starting though, we need to know how you use the graph server, and your ideas for how the interface could be improved, so please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

graph server


6 Comments on “Graph Server Improvements”

  1. Robert Sayre says:

    The graph server is slow because of the way it populates the dropdown menus. But we knew that.

    The other thing it needs is an easy interface to observe individual components of a test over time. For example, we should be able to observe the pageload performance of a particular Tp page over time, or an individual SunSpider test.

  2. Fixing would help a lot. That bug sort of prevents me from trusting any of the results shown on graph server.

  3. alice says:

    I’ve always wanted better search tools, and then better linking to saved searches. You could search for a specific changeset/test combination and then see if it created perf badness. I’d also like to see us using the capabilities that we built into the db to handle annotations – so that known regressions can be starred and linked to an active bug. Ooh – and all kinds of neat interlinking between bugs -> waterfall -> graphs and back again would be awesome. I could go on…

  4. I’d love to see some statistical analysis built-in – if a point or range’s change is statistically significant and to what degree, error lines, etc.

  5. Axel Hecht says:

    I would love to see some help in judging on the results of try-server builds.

    Better pushlog integration, probably, too.

    Oh, and p0 graphs instead of p1.

  6. tim says:

    we met at VTE barcamp… I wanted to send you the contacts for the Lao google translation guy…. please email me I will send back..


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