cmd: Quick Command Execution for Firefox 4

Cmd allows you to quickly execute Firefox’s built-in commands via a small keyboard-activated panel. While many of the browser commands might have keyboard shortcuts, I often do not remember them. Now I don’t have to. This add-on allows me to just type the first few characters and hit enter. This add-on does not require a browser restart.


Source code.

Usage and features:

  • Launch cmd with control+shift+;. In the next release this will be configurable via a preference.
  • Start typing to see matching commands.
  • Hit the tab key to cycle through multiple matches (shift+tab to cycle backwards). Example: type “pre” and hit tab a bunch of times.
  • Hit enter to select the current match.
  • Hit escape to hide cmd without selecting a command.
  • The last executed command is shown by default.

The available commands are based on all existing menu items and registered keyboard shortcuts that reference <command> elements in the browser.

What I use it for:

  • Executing commands without having to know their keyboard shortcut.
  • Bookmarking without having to click the star, while having it default to Unsorted Bookmarks.
  • Quickly getting to the About page, to check for nightly updates.

Some commands don’t work, like “Subscribe to page”. I would really like this command to work. Perhaps in the future I’ll add an API for creating new commands. This tool will never compare to the extreme power of visual command tools like Ubiquity. However it’s a very lightweight way to access built-in commands without needing to remember their shortcuts, or using the mouse.


5 Comments on “cmd: Quick Command Execution for Firefox 4”

  1. Ozten says:

    Cool idea!
    Cntl-Shift-; doesn’t work for me on Ubuntu and Fx 4. Not sure why (Gnome eating keys or ???).

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  3. Dan Cardin says:

    I can’t get any combination of ctrl, shift, win, alt and ; to work on windows xp. D:

  4. Martijn says:

    Yesterday I tried your extension on Windows 7. I also could not get any command to work (like the guy with Windows XP).

    I have now disabled the extension as I suspected that it was slowing down the browser when I am typing something in a textarea (forum post).

    I like the idea of this extension, but currently it does not yet make things easier or faster.

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