The Mozilla Open Data Project

The Mozilla Open Data Project is an index of all of the open APIs and data-sources available in the Mozilla project.

It’s also something that does not exist yet!

Or maybe it does, but I couldn’t find it…

Anyways, we’ve got massive amounts of data available throughout the project, from check-in logs to performance data to bugzilla APIs. However, there’s no central location that lists all of the sources that currently exist. This also means that’s it’s not easy to scan and see what’s not available that should be.

Maybe this is something we should list on a public index that already exists, like Programmable Web.

For now, I started a list here:

Please add any sources of data or public APIs that you know of to that list, or here in the comments and I’ll add them for you.

UPDATE: To clarify, this is different than the community metrics work being done by the Metrics team. But we’re talking about having this information available in the metrics portal at some point in the future, likely driven off a publicly editable source.


4 Comments on “The Mozilla Open Data Project”

  1. ecmanaut says:

    If you want to make this useful longer than now and the next few weeks, make sure that a link to that page exists in the place where these API:s are implemented, close to the code itself – with notes about updating the web page as the API:s evolve or die.

    • Most of these don’t really change often, if ever. But that concern is one of the reasons it might be worth having the registry on a public API site that has validation tests, etc.

      I don’t think that spreading the work of updating the index is worth the noise in every one of the projects listed to get them to make source/comment/documentation changes about this. If something in the index is out of date, we can just fix it. In fact, I’ll add a note to that effect on the page 🙂

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