Bugzilla Patch Interdiff Greasemonkey Script

This Greasemonkey script adds a link to interdiff a bug’s patch against the patch that precedes it, to attachments on a bug’s detail page.


Based on Allan Beaufour‘s JST Review Greasemonkey script (thanks!).


nfqf – The Netflix Queue Filter

I was searching for a movie in my Netflix queue, and went up and down the queue a bunch of times before I finally found it. Yes, I know: a trivial annoyance. However, to quote Joel Spolsky, from his book User Interface Design for Programmers:

Even something that seems like a tiny, inconsequential frustration affects your mood. Your emotions don’t seem to care about the magnitude of the event, only the quality. … I started to learn that the days when I was happiest were the days with a lot of small successes and few small frustrations.

So, here’s a solution to a small frustration: nfqf – a filtering search for your Netflix queue. It’s a Greasemonkey script that adds a little search box at the top of your queue. Type characters in, and your queue will only show movies w/ titles that contain that string of characters.


Caveat emptor: I’m not responsible for any malfunctions that may occur due to Netflix changing their site, or your decision to trust my ineptitude.