Nusoap is still an active project. However most of the development is being done by Scott Nichol, and most of the activity is on the NuSOAP mailing list.Link


NuSOAP Documentation Sources

NuSOAP Website
This contains update announcements, API documentation, and links to resources such as the WSDL example provided below.

NuSOAP on my weblog
This page has links to articles and tutorials about NuSOAP, as well as public examples of usage such as Amazon and Google.

Probably the most thorough overall guide to using NuSOAP. Doesn’t contain WSDL generation information, but has just about everything else. A must-read for any NuSOAP user.

A thorough example of configuring and enabling wsdl for a server, using both simple and complex types, is available

Once wsdl has been configured for a server instance, it can be generated by appending “?wsdl” onto the endpoint URL.Link

NuSOAP Book Chapter Available Online

Thanks to a user on the nusoap-general list, I found that the San Francisco PHP Users Group had the chapter I wrote for Professional Open Source Web Services available for download. Upon further research, I found that WROX used my chapter as the sample chapter for the book! Download the chapter here (PDF).Link

Another PHP/SOAP Article Using NuSOAP

Devshed article using NuSOAP to access the Amazon SOAP service.Link

NuSOAP Bugfix Update

Updated NuSOAP. Fixed some serious WSDL bugs that were in 0.6.3. Recommended update for WSDL users. Download nusoap.php from here.Link

NuSOAP Mailing List Started

I set up a mailing list for NuSOAP at sourceforge.net. Click here to join.Link

NuSOAP 0.6.3 Released!

NuSOAP 0.6.3 is available now. Has WSDL generation, and lots of bug fixes. Got it a wee bit smaller too 🙂
Download the nusoap.php file from Sourceforge CVS: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/nusoap/lib/.
UPDATE: Here’s an example of using the WSDL generation functionality: http://dietrich.ganx4.com/nusoap/testbed/round2_base_server.phps.Link